Meet the League of Women Voters

A community-driven organization since 1920.


100 Years of History

The League of Women Voters of the United States and the League of Women Voters of Houston were both established in 1920, the year that the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States gave women the right to vote. Learn more about our Centennial Celebration here!

We are proud to be an unbiased, nonpartisan organization that works on issues that matter deeply to our members and to the public. Your membership in the League of Women Voters of Houston includes membership in our state League (LWV-TX) and in the national League (LWV-US).

Our Vision

We believe in the power of every person to create a more perfect democracy and support the desire, the right, the knowledge and the confidence for all to participate.

Our Mission

The League of Women Voters of Houston fosters a thriving democracy by engaging all people in the political process through nonpartisan information sharing, passionate civic engagement and by providing opportunities to participate in the democratic process.

Our Values

  1. Engaged—We are an organization of action. Our people-centric mission enables us to empower our community to be the educated change agents our world needs.
  2. Inclusive—We seek, in all levels of our organization, to support, engage with and empower ALL members of our community regardless of gender, race, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, religion or creed.
  3. Transparent—We actively demonstrate our integrity by openly sharing the work that we do and the results we achieve together to inform our community and encourage other communities to follow suit.
  4. Trustworthy—We consider our organizational and individual integrity to be of the highest priority in all that we do.
  5. Aware—We listen, evaluate and connect the dots in our community and current political landscape to ensure every action and charge that we lead is reflective of the world we want to see tomorrow.
  6. Forward-thinking—We take action today for our collective tomorrow by leveraging the ideas, technology and community-driven initiatives that enable us to achieve our Vision.

Our Board of Directors

MaryJane Mudd, President
Graci Garces, Secretary
Katie Campbell Shumway, Treasurer
Annie Benifield, Vice President for Voter Services
Zak Miller, Vice President for Study and Advocacy
Aimee Woodall, Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Mika Rao, Vice President for Membership
Carol Shattuck, Vice President for Development
Amber Burton Alfred, Director At Large
Liza Alonzo, Director At Large
Carla Brailey, Director At Large
Michelle Carnahan, Director At Large
Renee Cross, Director At Large
Nancy Kral, Director At Large
Michelle Levi McDaniel, Director At Large
Claudia Ortega-Hogue, Director At Large
Jeff Reichman, Director At Large
Tiko Reynolds-Hausman, Director At Large
Courtenay Siegfried, Director At Large
Phillip Yates, Director At Large
Alan Berstein, Director of Communications

Watch Annie Benifield, Vice President for Voter Services, discuss our work:

LWV-Houston Education Fund

The LWV-Houston Education Fund is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable trust dedicated to serving the Houston community by offering voter outreach initiatives and trusted, impartial information about elections and major public policy issues. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. The LWV-Houston Education Fund is not a member organization. It is governed by a Board of Trustees populated by the officers and directors of LWV-Houston. Our Bylaws, amended May 15, 2018.

Our Nonprofit Status

The League of Women Voters of Houston is a member organization, organized as a nonprofit 501(c)4 corporation. LWV-Houston may, from time to time, advocate for selected policy positions adopted by membership consensus. Dues and donations to LWV-Houston are not tax-deductible. Board officers and directors are elected at an annual meeting by League members, and our entire organization is powered by passionate volunteers.