The League of Women Voters of Houston is a nonpartisan organization that believes in the power of every person to create a more perfect democracy. Together, we support the desire, right and knowledge for all to participate and be heard.

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This event has been cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date. 

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Voter Information Corner

Upcoming Elections

General Election: November 8, 2022

Election Information

Hello Fellow League members,

Just want you to be aware that the upcoming November Midterm Election is critically important to the defense of democracy. Harris County  Election Administrators issued the press release below to inform voters of this nefarious action during this upcoming election session.

This is one reason that you should stay connected to your local league (LWVH) and let us know about anything  you might encounter  that appears improper.  Thanks for your continued support of the League of the Women Voters of Houston (LWVH) and the work it does in your community to empower voters through voter education and speaking out in defense of citizen's voting rights.

If you have questions, please reach out to us at LWV@lwvhouston.org or call our office 713-784-2923 to find out how you can become more involved.

Annie Johnson Benifield, President, League of Women Voters of Houston

Vote by Mail
Register to Vote
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More Information:

For more election information check out the Election Administrator Division (EAD) at https://harrisvotes.com/

Click here to download a blank Harris County Application for Mail-In Ballot.


Naturalization Ceremonies

With the partnership of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, our volunteers are a presence at Naturalization Ceremonies to register new voters. Before Covid, we would routinely provide an on-the-spot service, each year helping more than 25,000 new citizens register to vote shortly after they’ve taken the oath of citizenship.

Voters Guide

Our nonpartisan Voters Guide is Houston's best election information source with everything you need to know about voting, candidates and ballot issues. It’s now available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese.

Reserve a Voter Registrar

We deploy Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrars (VDVRs) across the greater Houston area, allowing you to register people to vote at your next event. Read more about our efforts that have registered more than 21,500 new citizens to vote this year alone.

Phone Banking

In partnership with KPRC-TV, League volunteers participate in phone banking on Election Day—answering questions about polling locations, registration status and other voter requirements. They work to ensure that anyone who is registered to vote can participate in the political process by casting a ballot.

Candidate Conversations

Every election year, we host educational forums with candidates running for office in Houston and Harris County. Every candidate is invited to join in the conversation and asked questions based on the jurisdiction where they are seeking office.

Rising Stars

Through our Rising Stars program, we offer a year of training and volunteer opportunities for a selected elite group of leaders of all ages to share their talents and expand their reach as champions of civic engagement.


Nancy Kral, LWVH Vice President of Voters Services Receives Award

Nancy Kral, LWVH Vice President of Voters Service receives Manor Award from LULAC for LWVH partnership with LULAC.

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2022 Annual Meeting Highlights

The 2022 LWV-Houston Annual Meeting concluded with members voting on the new Board of Directors slate, advocacy issues, budget and more. Awards were also presented to those who went above and beyond to empower voters…

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Repast Recordings Now Available

Talk about energy in a room! More than 200 business and civic leaders turned out for the League of Women Voters of Houston’s 19th Repast Luncheon, titled “The Rebirth of Civic Life.” KHOU’s Grace White…

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