It is becoming very difficult for the League of Women Voters of Houston to provide registration forms to new voters in Texas.

LWV Houston provides at least 4,000 voter registration forms to new citizens at naturalization ceremonies each month. Additionally, hundreds of registration forms are distributed to eligible voters at local voter registration events hosted by LWV Houston and community partners.

In the past, the Secretary of State’s Office provided these forms upon request to organizations across the state. Recent requests have been denied, and the deadline to register voters for the March 1st election is quickly approaching (January 31). See recent media coverage below.

Please help the League of Women Voters of Houston by donating funds to pay for printing costs.
Immediate goal: 5,000 forms – $1,500 (expedited printing to provide forms for new eligible voters for the 3/1 election)
Long term goal: 70,000 forms – $15,000 (printed forms for monthly naturalization ceremonies and voter registration events for the year 2022)

These funds will go directly to voter registration efforts held by our dedicated volunteers. We truly appreciate your support as we continue working hard to register all eligible voters in our community!

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