How to use the digital Voters Guide.

The all-new digital Houston Voters Guide gives you the important nonpartisan candidate and ballot issue information you need in an easy-to-use-at-the-polls form.

Just like with the print version of the Voters Guide, this is a tool that will help you learn more about what propositions and candidates will be on your specific ballot this election, but in a digital format that makes it even easier to create and print a customized ballot to bring with you to vote.

Here is a walk through of how to use the Vote411 tool:

#1 Visit to begin:

#2 Enter your home address so the Voters Guide tool can show you exactly what’s on your ballot, select ’Show Districts’ to see information about your voting district:

#3 Review and confirm your District information (chances are you won’t need to edit anything—this is just a good reminder and interesting to know):

#4 Select your language – our Voters Guide is available in English, Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese:

#5 You can now view all of the races on your personalized ballot, click ‘Make Selection’ to begin reviewing the information for each race:

Review + Decide on Propositions

#6 Each Proposition page begins with the Official Ballot Language, so you know exactly how it is worded on the ballot when you get to the polls:

#7 You may read an extended explanation of what this race is for, to help give you greater context into what you are voting on:

#8 Read the For / Against statements that help you understand what it means to vote for or against a proposition:

#9 Watch the informative videos that give you further insight into each ballot issue:

#10 Read the Pros and Cons of each voting decision:

#11 When you are ready, click the For or Against buttons—this will populate your sample ballot that you will print and bring with you to the polls to help you remember your voting decisions: 

Read and Decide on Candidates

#12 Each Candidate Race page offers an explanation of the responsibilities of office:

#13 Click the image of a candidate to read their unfiltered responses about their backgrounds:

#14 Read unfiltered candidate responses to critical questions and choose ‘Select This Candidate’ after your review is complete:

You did it! Once you’ve selected all of your ballot responses, you may immediately print or send your personalized ballot to your phone number and/or email to print later. Now it’s time to vote!

Did the Voters Guide help inform your vote this year?

We hope so! Support the League of Women Voters of Houston by becoming a member or making a small donation to help us continue sharing nonpartisan information that empowers Houston voters.