The League of Women Voters of Houston is looking for its next board member.

For 100 years this organization has proudly served as a nonpartisan organization and resource for the Houston community. Its members, passionate women and men from all walks of life, have eagerly volunteered their time and talent to empower voters, promote an equitable and vibrant future and be a force for our community. We're so excited to announce we're looking for our next board member, the Vice President of Development, to help shape our next 100 years of civic engagement. Contact us to learn more and apply.


The Vice President of Development provides the guidance, leadership and support necessary for LWV-Houston to realize our mission goals through ensuring sufficient and consistent sources of funding.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Ability to maintain existing and build new relationships with the key players in the local political, financial, and charitable giving landscape.
  • Leadership, project management and administrative abilities.
  • Proven track record in Business Development for an organization – nonprofit preferred.
  • Development experience would be a plus.


  • Identifies LWV-Houston’s short-term funding requirements and any potential shortfalls.
  • Chairs the Development Committee, including sourcing and placing appropriate volunteers, meeting regularly to progress against committee goals, and reporting on progress.
  • Oversees planned fundraising events; participates in selection of chairs, venues, host committees, honorees, etc. Assists in recruitment of sponsors and attendees.
  • Develops fundraising calendar for each year, based on budgets and new potential opportunities to further LWV-Houston’s mission.
  • Prepares development reports for Board meetings and as needed, for other meetings.
  • Contacts corporate representatives, government officials, and community leaders to increase awareness of organization’s mission, activities, and needs.
  • Engages allies to create unique and diverse partnerships and sponsorship opportunities that allow the League to further our reach into all the potential voter communities in the Houston area.
  • Deepens existing relationships with long-term sponsors.
  • Suggest new web-based or live fundraising activities.
  • Evaluates benefits of an annual membership donations campaign.
  • Solicits in-kind donations or sponsorships from individuals and businesses.
  • Prepares or contributes to speeches, press releases, or other promotional materials to increase awareness of the mission and needs of the organization.
  • Compiles or develops materials to submit to granting or other funding organizations
  • Actively participates in and utilizes the Executive Committee to work effectively as a team.
  • Represents the League in nonprofit community organizations with synergistic mission and/or sponsorship goals.
  • Develops and updates LWV Houston’s long-term development strategy.
  • Develops procedures, best practices, and other tools to ensure the future success of this position.
  • Avoids conspicuous partisan activity to best preserve the League’s commitment to non-partisan voter services.

To learn more about the position and apply, contact us.

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