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Voters Guide Fact Sheet: A Behind-the-Scenes Peek

by Jacqueline Alfred

Chair, Voters Guide Committee

FUN FACT QUESTION: Know how to tell the League’s Voters Guide from other voter information publications that use the same name? ANSWER: The typo! Our publication’s title has no apostrophe before or after the “s”.

LWV-Houston Area has produced the Voters Guide in its current newspaper format since the early 1980s.

A computer was first used in the production of the Voters Guide in 1990. Candidate information was submitted in hard copy and then converted to Word® files, which were downloaded onto discs that were handed to the graphic designer. Proofreading took many hours with one proofreader carefully reading the original hard copy (including citing every capital letter, misspelled word and punctuation mark) while another looked at the final layout to ensure that the integrity of the candidate’s original response was faithfully upheld.

Today, all candidates are invited to participate in the Voters Guide with an online invitation. Their responses are returned electronically using a personal, password-protected account set up for each candidate. Responses are then downloaded directly into the layout.

Over 20 volunteers work on the Voters Guide for each election. Paid vendors and consultants provide technical support, graphic design services, and printing. If you would like to volunteer to work on future Voters Guides, please contact the LWV office at 713-784-2923.

FUN FACT: For 2014 Primary our technical support person was in Austin, TX; our graphic designer was on an American military base in the south of England; our translating service was in Arizona; the league member who reviewed and approved candidate responses for Guideline compliance was at her second home in California. How’s that for an “international” effort?

Approximately 30,000 copies of the Primary Election Voters Guide in both Spanish and English were printed and distributed free-of-charge through local public libraries, college and university libraries and departments, community centers and organizations. Voters may always pick up a single copy of the Voters Guide free-of-charge at any of these locations or at the LWV office.

Links to English and Spanish editions of the online Voters Guide are available during each election cycle at lwvhouston.org. We also provide links to media outlets and civic organizations to embed on their websites.

The March 4, 2014 Primary Election Voters Guide was 40 pages long.

The cost of producing the Primary Voters Guide was approximately $18,000.

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